“Skype Style” Telehealth Virtual Pain Relief, Allergy Relief & Holistic Nutrition Coaching FREE CONSULTATIONS and Follow-Up Appointments are now available.


What Is Telehealth Virtual Coaching?

At The Regener8 Clinic, we are proud to offer our patients Telehealth Virtual Coaching sessions. A Telehealth Virtual Coaching session is similar to treatments that take place in our clinic except it takes place over a secure, face-to-face video conference.


Who does Telehealth Virtual Coaching work for? 

Our "Skype Style" Telehealth Virtual Coaching sessions were created for ANYONE.  We come to you via a screen in your home for the same great quality appointment.

This could include (but is not limited too):

  • Someone with transportation challenges that have no one to take them to their appointment

  • Professionals stuck at the office and can’t get away for an hour

  • Weather challenges 

  • Anyone who cannot leave their home due to schedules with life (taking care of kids, parents, etc.) 

  • Anyone having physical challenges (in too much pain) to get to their appointment

  • Someone living in a remote community with no local clinic to attend

  • Practitioners who wish to consult with a "niche" services provider


What services can I receive via Telehealth Virtual Coaching?

You can receive many of our services via telehealth:

  • Musculoskeletal/Orthopedic Pain Relief Coaching & Support for: headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder, low back/hip, knee, foot, strains, sprains, pain, movement dysfunction +more

  • Allergy Relief Coaching & Support for: food allergies, skin allergies, asthma allergies, pet/animal allergies, seasonal/environmental allergies, chemical allergies, gastrointestinal disorders as well as eyes/ear/nose/throat allergy related symptoms

  • Dietitian & Nutrition Services

  • Lifestyle guidance/support


Are Online Initial Consultations Secure?

Absolutely. Our video-conferencing service uses the highest grade encryption to secure the communication channel. And, they are in compliance with ALL federal patient privacy protection laws.


What Is Included With My Treatment Plan?

Treatment plans incorporate precise and efficient therapeutic nutritional supplement protocols, along with our proven, results-focused, trusted guidance on dietary therapy, lifestyle habits, mind-body stress reduction practices, and corrective/mobility exercises you can do anywhere, anytime from home.


How Do I Get Started?

Simple! Just click the button below and fill out the form on the page that follows, and we’ll be in touch within one business day to get your Free Consultation scheduled.









Dilshad Alvi - The Regener8 Clinic


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SPECIAL NOTE FOR COVID19: All initial consults are currently being conducted via simple, secure online video chat. 


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